Three Patriots In The Front Seven We Can Expect To Show Growth This Season

August 19, 2022

This article will discuss the potential and the expectations for the Patriots’ defensive ends on the field for every game.

Many defensive players have left the Patriots over the years, but one specific position that has stayed strong for the Patriots Is their defensive ends. The expectations will be higher this year since the division the Patriots are in is highly offensive.

As preseason starts in a couple of days for the Patriots, many different positions will step up and have to play lockdown defense. Although the Patriots have an excellent defensive end room, those players always have room to improve.

Left Defensive End: Deatrich Wise Jr

Deatrich Wise Jr has had a promising start on the Patriots and only looks to improve from there. Last season h put up good defensive stats, showing out with 41 tackles and three sacks.

In his five-year career with the Patriots, he has put up 172 tackles and 17 sacks, which isn’t the worse, but Patriots fans can hope he breaks out in a big way. He’s also been fully healthy these last five years, so he’s going to be a reliable player on the defensive side of the field and could lead the other defensive ends.

It is a bit concerning that he was absent from most training camp practices, and many have questioned his health and ability. Nonetheless, expect Wise to have a good season as he’s coming off last year with a career-high in tackles and looks to only get better from there.

Right Defensive End: Lawrence Guy

Lawrence Guy is a known veteran for the defense, and his defensive colleagues will need his leadership more than ever. He’s had an e tensive 12-year career, five of those years with the Patriots putting up 295 tackles and eight and a half sacks.

In his most recent season with the Patriots, he produced 60 tackles and one and a half sacks, which isn’t his usual good season. Although it s ems like Wise is on the rise and Guy is on the decline, he could have a surprising season this year and pull his weight.

Lawrence Guy was also interviewed during camp; his goals are clear: to compete and improve on skills. However, expect Guy to be putting in his best since not only is he reaching the end of his career, but the Patriots also seem to have his defensive end replacement already.

Hybrid Defensive End: Henry Anderson

Henry Anderson is a defensive who gets the spotlight taken away from him, as he only got to play four games. However, he gained three tackles during those four games, and more playing time can only lead to better numbers.

In his seven-year career with the Jets, Colts, and Patriots, he has put up 11.5 sacks and 170 tackles, so he has the potential. But, right now, it’s almost clear that Anderson will be a bench player who will come in during games where it’s a blowout or in case of injury.

He was also on the season-ending injured reserve in October, so seeing him practice in Training camp and feeling fully healthy is a good sign. Anderson should play a few more games this year, and he’s got a starting position to fight for, so he could have a breakout season.


These players and more on the defensive side will be fighting to have a great season, and it will be exciting to see who will rise to the occasion.

Belichick has commented on the defensive effort in training camp and praises the defense for being hard-working and tough. It will be an exciting year filled with much formidable offensive that the defensive ends have to be ready.

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