Should The Patriots Trade For A Former NFL Rushing Champion In 2022? 

August 10, 2022

Kareem Hunt Needs to be a member of the New England Patriots. His new trade request makes this an actual possibility.

The Patriots have not been known for their rushing champions over the past few decades. The last Patriots RB to lead the league in any rushing stat was LeGarrette Blount in 2017, with 18 touchdowns. They traded for Corey Dillon in 2004, marking the last time the team had an elite rusher on the roster. That was a fantastic year that cumulated into a Super Bowl championship against the Eagles. Dillon had a lot to do with that run.

The current backfield of Damien Harris, Rhomandre Stevenson, James “Sweet Feet” White, and the other cast of characters brings a ton of potential this season. Each rusher brings something to the table that benefits the team. However, wouldn’t you want one person who can do it all? 

Hunt Wants Out Of Cleveland.

On Sunday, Kareem Hunt demanded a trade from the Cleveland Browns. The Browns denied his request, especially after extending his contract three years last season. Hunt is more than just one-half of the most dominant RB tandem in the league; he ranks as one of the league’s best on his own. 

In 2017, Hunt entered the league, playing for the Kansas City Chiefs. He ran away with the rushing title accumulating 1327 yards on the ground in 16 games. The team hopped on his back to an eventual playoff appearance. 

The Browns signed him to repeat his actions from Kansas City, but Nick Chubb seemed to be an obstacle. Chubb, another top RB in the league, shared the backfield with Hunt, limiting his opportunities. Hunt needs to be a true RB1 to reach his full potential. But, for the right price, he could thrive in Belichick’s system.

Cost To Bring Kareem Hunt To The New England Patriots?

I love Kareem Hunt. He is an exciting player to watch. He runs the ball well between the sticks but catches better than our receivers! Mac needs a dual-threat lining up next to him. 

While I do not believe anybody at Patriot Place wants to make this trade, they should at least consider it. Here is an example offer to send to the midwest.

Patriots Receive:

  • Kareem Hunt

Browns Receive:

  • Rhamondre Stevenson
  • James White
  • A second-round pick
  • Two fifth-round picks

Would the Patriots make that trade?

No, but a man can dream. 

But, please hear me out. Kareem Hunt’s skill set plays exceptionally well with Mac’s style. Damien Harris is the goal-line back and primary rusher. 

Hunt comes into the system as an upgraded James White. He can run the ball on 2nd and 3rd down but also be used in more passing plays than a screen route. His route tree is similar to that of Chase Edmonds, who thrived in a similar role in Arizona. 


The Patriots trading for Kareem Hunt seems like a fairy tale, but sometimes life ends up being one. The backfield is deep enough that a trade would benefit both sides. The fans may disagree, but Hunt needs to wear the Navy Blue and Silver sooner rather than later.

Make it happen, Bobby!

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