Pick Em Patriots: Taxachusetts Legalizes Gambling With All-Around Solid Bill

August 6, 2022

On August 1st, 2022, Massachusetts lawmakers finally agreed on a sports betting bill. It passed 36-4 in favor. Now all that remains is for Governor Charlie Baker to sign it. Once he does, we can all legally wager on the New England Patriots.

That all sounds fantastic. However, one more obstacle, if you would even call it one, is that the Massachusetts Gambling Commission must approve licenses to numerous companies for the public to make bets online, which may take a bit of time. But, the Commission has been keeping an eye on the situation to act quickly to establish these licenses.

When Can We Bet On The Patriots?

Certain casinos will presumably be available to place bets on day one after signing.

BetMGM Sportsbook along with DraftKings and FanDuel should be among the first to launch, as these are often cited as the “Big Three” when it comes to sports betting in the United States. MGM already operate business in Springfield, and Ron Mariano told reporters “I think Encore and MGM in Springfield will open up almost immediately as soon as the laws are signed”.

Tom Jacobs oddschecker.com

This quote makes sense to have a few outlets open immediately since the online side may take a few months to get all the paperwork and logistics hammered out. The soonest day I heard was October, during a 98.5 The Sports Hub radio interview with Mass Senator Eric Lesser. I linked in the show just in case you don’t listen to talk radio or sports podcasts all day like myself.

This interview and the quote above lead me to believe that they are trying to get the casinos live as soon as possible after testing and regulations.

However, the recap is that within the next ten days, the governor will approve and sign the document, and we should be able to walk into Encore that night and place some bets on the Patriots or any sport.

The Patriots Won’t Be Restricted, But What Will Be

The Massachusetts Sports Wagering Act of 2022 has been on the table for millennia. That feeling is because it passed the house in July of 2021, almost a full calendar year of negotiations. There were a few hold-ups, such as; the percentage of tax revenue, number of licenses, and the objections of in-state college boards not wanting gambling on their campus.

The back and forth also means both sides were happy. There will be no betting on in-state college sports unless they are in a national tournament. So basically, you can’t bet on BC football unless they make it to the CFP. Tax revenue will be 15% from live betting and 20% from mobile apps, and nine online licenses have been given along with three state-licensed casinos. So realistically, the state received a fair deal that should produce a betting product that everyone is happy about.

Patriots Related Prop Bets

Most books have the Patriots at the season eight and a half wins. Even when this team had almost no talent on the roster in 2020, Bill Belichick mustered a seven and nine record and finished under .500 for the first time for nearly 20 years. They got reasonably better after a 2021 off-season spreading spree. This is the second year for that group of additions, so some of them should leap in production moving forward.

In the past two years, the Patriots have tried to right the wrongs they made in the draft. Hopefully, this team gets a bulk of its production from players in the last three drafts, finally coming into their own. I’m not saying the Patriots will be back in the super bowl this year, but eight and a half wins seem like a smash bet to me.

Damien Harris has a touchdown total of eight and a half as well. I don’t believe he will score 15 touchdowns again this season. However, Harris also missed some time last year, so if he were to play an entire season, double-digit touchdowns aren’t out of the equation. I would be a little more skeptical about placing this bet thought than the one above, but I will still be putting it.

The last prop I will go over here will be Mac Jones over 3850 yards. Call me a homer, but I think Jones will take a huge step forward in his second year with The Patriots. If he can show that all his hard off-season work has paid off, it will significantly increase the chances that all of these props would hit. Jones has the zip and leadership needed to carry the team while having a large group of skill position players who can help him reach that level.


We have to wait a bit longer to make these bets in this state, but we have crossed the goal line and are awaiting the extra point. I think we will be able to bet from the comfort of our homes in October. That’s just based on what I’ve heard. This will be in flux until we are making bets. When you do, remember these, and there will be plenty more Patriots betting content to come to the site in the future.

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