Patriots’ Offensive Line Is An X Factor In 2022, Will It Be Positive Or Negative?

August 5, 2022

Heading into 2022, there is plenty of optimism for the Patriots. As there should be, with Mac Jones heading into year two and lots of young developing talent. The Patriots have the potential to be a playoff contender in 2022. However, one position group can be the X factor for the Patriots. The offensive line could be the difference between a deep playoff run and not even making the playoffs. They have the potential to make or break the Patriots’ season.

The Patriots’ Young Quarterback

Having a young quarterback can either be a great opportunity or a very stressful time for NFL teams. In the Patriots’ situation, this is an excellent opportunity for them. They have a promising young quarterback in a good position to breakout. The Patriots must do their best to ensure he’s comfortable taking a leap. The offensive line is one of the quarterback’s most crucial position groups. They can help Mac Jones and elevate him to the next level.

A quarterback must have time in the pocket to get through all progressions. Giving a young quarterback time in the pocket and making him comfortable is a key factor in Mac Jones’ development. A bad offensive line can cause disruption, no matter how good your quarterback and receivers are. For instance: the Bengals. One can make the case that if their offensive line were able to step up, they would be the Super Bowl champions. Lucky for the Patriots, Bill Belichick has a knack for eying offensive line talent, and the Patriots are great at developing offensive line prospects.

The Patriots Need A Good Run Game

With the NFL turning into a quarterbacks’ league, being a one-dimensional offense is not ideal. Having a good run game is key to having a well-balanced offense and ties in to helping your quarterback. Mac shouldn’t have to be heavily depended on throughout his first two seasons, and it’s best the Patriots have a run game that compliments him. The offensive line is key to establishing a dominant run game. Having a good run game means the Patriots can relieve pressure on Mac and control the game’s pace.

New England loves to have long possessions where they can chew off lots of clock, and keep the opposing dynamic offenses off the field. The offensive line is key for that. They can impact multiple facets of the game.

The Offensive Line Is The Foundation Of The Patriots

While the quarterback is the most essential position in the NFL, success relies on the offensive line, which can determine how good an entire offense is. The line will need to have a fantastic season in 2022 to be successful, and all signs point to them having an elite offensive line. Re-signing Trent Brown was a huge addition, and they brought back most of their core. However, to be serious contenders and win the Super Bowl, a good line is necessary.

How The Patriots Offensive Line Looks Currently

New England seems to have a steady offensive line heading into 2022. Their starters are David Andrews, Cole Strange, Michael Onwenu, Trent Brown, and Isaiah Wynn. In the 2022 draft, the Patriots used their first pick on Cole Strange. While he may have been picked early, Strange is an instant starter who can contribute. Cole Strange has a very high ceiling, and the Patriots are a perfect place for him to reach his potential. David Andrews is the reliable productive veteran any team needs. Michael Onwenu has been extremely reliable ever since he became a starter, and he’s still young so there’s room to grow.

While Isaiah Wynn hasn’t lived up to his draft status, he’s also a solid starter to have. Lastly, Trent Brown. Trent is a very good tackle, however he has had some injury issues. If he’s able to stay healthy, the Patriots have a very good offensive line heading into 2022 and in the future.


New England is built on running the football, and they hope to expand on big play opportunities. Both are dependent on the linemen. The offensive linemen are the true X factor for the Patriots heading into 2022 due to the fact they determine how the offense will run, how comfortable Mac Jones is, and their ability to be a two-dimensional offense.

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