Okay USFL Player Hoping To Join Historic Franchise In 2022.

August 1, 2022

On Tuesday, July 19, 2022, the New England Patriots signed USFL Defensive Lineman Jeremiah Pharms, bringing their roster total to 86. Unfortunately, Pharms joins a crowded line approximately 13 players deep before him. Therefore, he has to be considered a long shot to make the practice squad and an extreme long shot at making the 53-man roster.

Pharms is six-foot-three-inches, but his weight, like his position, is disputed. Some have him at 275 pounds, and others at 300 pounds. And people cannot agree if he’s a defensive end or a defensive tackle.

His USFL career doesn’t look spectacular. But, surprisingly, he caught the Patriots’ attention. Patriots scouts must’ve took time off to watch some USFL games.

National Post wrote, “Pharms, 25, played for the Pittsburgh Maulers in the revived USFL’s first season, which concluded earlier this month. He made two sacks and 32 tackles for the Maulers.”


USFL Defensive Lineman Is A Virtual Unknown Prospect.

There’s little available on his college career. The former USFL had a weird college history playing for San Joaquin Delta College, Sacramento State, and Friends University. And was reported to have scored double-digit sacks as a senior. However, that seems to be all the information on his college career.

Pharms is a linebacker convert which should, in theory, give the Patriots room to move him around. The Patriots needed help plugging the interior versus the run, but having a legit pass rusher opposite Judon is also required if he can play the edge.

From Garage Pick In A Second Rate League To A Underwhelming NFL Signing.

CBS wrote, “Pharms was the seventh pick of the 26th round of the USFL draft in February. That was the third round for nose tackles/defensive tackles to be drafted.”


Mike D’ Abate wrote, “While his signing may be considered ‘under the radar,’ Pharms does possess some standout ability to get after the quarterback. As a result, he may add some competition to the Patriots pass rush during training camp.”


If we’re listening to CBS and Mr. Locked On Patriots,  Pharms is a pass-rushing nose tackle, which is the last thing the Patriots need. Let’s hope they are wrong or that Bill can get more out of him.

Final Thoughts.

This writer wishes he could provide more insight and information on this player. But, the fact is there’s nothing on him. He’s an unknown that nobody managed to even write or film a scouting report on. There are some horrible highlight films out there, but that’s it. That is a major problem with small school guys, who get no respect.

Bill Belichick does much damage with unknown free agents, especially undrafted. Maybe the Patriots will get lucky, and Belichick will have done it again. In the National Football League, anything is possible.

Realistically Pharms is a long shot at making the 53-man roster but could stick around as a practice squad player. We’ll see how the Patriots plan to use him in the coming weeks. This could be nothing more than a camp body signing, so don’t expect much. At this point of the season, he could be gone as fast as he signed.

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