Grit Of 2021 Sixth Round Prospect During Camp Could Lead To Playing Time

August 1, 2022

The Patriots placed Jonathan Jones & Jabrill Peppers on the PUP list to start training camp, which gives a prospect like Joshuah Bledsoe a chance to shine in limited work. Bledsoe was a sixth-round pick in the 2021 draft who had shown some promise before but had setbacks due to a wrist injury. However, he is healthy this year and making plays. The second-year prospect has already made four pass break-ups and has been consistently near or on the ball.

In The Patriots Cornerback Room, Everyone Is A Prospect

This year there is a vacuum for someone to step up and fill. New England made sure to bring in several solid contenders. Terrance Mitchell has been the first player on the field for four days straight of training camp. Jack Jones was the buzz of rookie camp and has continued to show he can compete. Malcolm Butler has a special place in the hearts of Patriots fans and looks to have it still. Jalen Mills and Jonathan Jones should bring cohesion to the group.

I have been a prominent skeptic of how this room has been handled. Still, after reviewing some consistent reports from camp, I believe that they can hold their own, particularly when aided by the safety group, which in my opinion, is one of the better and deeper units in the league.

This isn’t going to be the same group of players. Every play, people will substitute, switch, and move all over the field in the defense. But, it’s similar to the offense, and that’s where a guy like Joshuah Bledsoe can make an impact. He doesn’t have top end speed but in a zone scheme he can come up play press in the slot pinching receivers of the line knocking off their timing.

He interrupted a pass intended for Jonnu from Mac, he read the play well then attacked the ball. Bledsoe can carve out a nice role on team if he continues this type of play at camp especially if he is making these plays against the first team offense.

Versitility Is Key When It Comes To The Patriots

Bledsoe has the ability to contribute on special teams as well as a slot corner, his tackling ability gives him a leg up on others around him on the 90 man roster. The stats arent necessarily on my side here but I’ve just heard good things from the first four days of camp coverage about Joshuah from numerous sources on the scene. This wont be a player who is the next J.C Jackson but a fair comp would probably be Duron Harmon who had a solid role on great Patriots defenses.

He can also play in the box because of his tackling ability and nose for the ball. This is a solid spot for him due to the lack of long speed. Playing underneath, providing better coverage than a linebacker but being able to take on running backs in the hole, and jamming receivers at the line of scrimmage are among his strengths.

One of the highlights of Bledsoe’s college career was he locked down Kadirus Toney during a game against Florida. Toney is a very quick and sudden player for Joshuah to be able to handle that was impressive. These are the type of players that Bledsoe would be facing off against in the slot corner role.


The prospects of Bledsoe making the roster a few days into camp are on the upswing. However, ke I said earlier this is a deep group with no set order, the situation is fluxuating rapidly and will likely change by the day as we continue to get more news from camp. Beyond being a Patriots fan I just couldn’t be happier with the return of the NFL season, there really isn’t anything like it.

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