The Impact Of #80: The Magnificent Super Bowl Champ Calls It Quits

July 29, 2022

The Patriots have had many Wide Receivers with impact, such as Julian Edelman, Wes Walker, Randy Moss, Brandin Cooks, etc. However, this wide receiver had a significant effect on the Patriots, and although he wasn’t all-star caliber, he was a massive playoff threat and even helped the Patriots in two Super Bowls.

Danny Amendola recently retired, capping off a 13-year career with multiple teams (Rams, Lions, Texans, Detriot). However, he left the most significant impact in New England. As a tribute, this article looks back at his career highlights and stats along & with community impact.

Amendola’s College Career

Danny Amendola played for four years at Texas Tech University and left behind a significant impact. His stats were pretty impressive, as he had 204 receptions, 2246 yards, and 15 touchdowns, with a couple of rushing attempts. But unfortunately, many scouts and teams overlooked him, as he wasn’t even picked up in the draft.

It wasn’t until 2008 when the Dallas Cowboys picked him up as an unrestricted free agent. It wasn’t until his third team, the St.Louis Rams, that he officially played for a roster since the Cowboys and Eagles only had him on the practice squad. Nevertheless, he had a big impact in his senior year, putting up 109 receptions, 1245 yards, and six touchdowns to cap off his college career.

Amendola In The NFL

Amendola played for a lot of teams in his career. During his 13 seasons, he finished with 903 tigers, 617 receptions, 6212 yards, 24 touchdowns, two passing touchdowns, and 5450 return yards. However, his most significant impact was with the Patriots. He played for us for five years, and in that time, he had 230 receptions, 2283 yards, and 12 touchdowns.

He also made some clutch catches during super bowl appearances that caused him to stand out, such as the one to get the Patriots within three against Seattle. Or the trick play receptions from Edelman in Baltimore to spark an altime comeback even to get them to the Super Bowl. Amendola won two Super Bowls with the Patriots, and although he wasn’t a pro bowl worthy receiver, Belichick complimented his impact, saying he was reliable, fast, and determined.

Amendola In The Community

Amendola also loved New England beyond the field, as he did a lot for the schools here, and the impact was huge. He ended up making a program called the “catches for kids foundation,” which helped and improved the lives of students who lived in low-income families.

He invested in many reading rooms with over 600 kids’ books, colorful murals and beanbags, and resources for young children. On top of that, he interacts with the kids in his free time, as he also reads curious George to a second-grade class.

He also has invited 100+ Cathedral High School students to VIP access to training camp and has done programs to give them school supplies from Walmart. The impact he left on the community of education and children will always be remembered, and he said it was a great feeling to high-five them in the hallways.

amendola leaving an impact on childrens lives


Danny Amendola wasn’t the faster receiver, he wasn’t the best, and he sure wasn’t the best Brady has had, but he did come through and left an impact when it mattered most. Amendola had the heart of a Patriot and the work ethic of a true New England player, and without his effort, it would’ve been hard to pull off both comebacks against Seattle and Atlanta. Amendola will always be a hall of fame player for the Patriots, and although his numbers don’t speak that, his impact does. May we wish the best for him past retirement.

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