Veteran First Round Pick Looks Like What N’keal Harry Could’ve Been In First Camp Of 2022

July 28, 2022

New England has had a wide receiver issue since the retirement of Julian Edelman. They have also lacked a big-bodied red zone target since Gronk left. So the off-season acquisition of veteran DeVante Parker very well could hit two birds with one stone. The six foot three inches 219-pound pass catcher could be walking into the best situation he’s been in, giving the Patriots something they have lacked since the 2018 Super Bowl run: a complete offense.

Why The Veteran Is In His Best Situation Yet

Parker’s history when on the field he has been solid and sometimes great. Patriots fans know from experience that this guy is a gamer when he’s right. That is why I mentioned that he was walking into the best situation of his career, he’s the most talented pass catcher the team has, but teams can’t pull help to Parker without leaving the team vulnerable to multiple talented options.

Parker can go into games trying to beat his man and doesn’t have to worry much about the double team or safety help. He also should stay fresh and healthy because of the depth and different packages that can be successful on the offensive end. This all increases because Mac Jones may be the best quarterback for Parker to catch passes from.

I bet you are asking why are you saying this to us again. It’s because, on July 27th, DeVante made an impression at training camp, hauling in three “touchdowns” in the first session today. These receptions were to the cheers of hundreds of fans, just like whoever may be reading this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to camp myself, but we have a Gillette Gazette representative who said Parker looked fantastic.

Can Parker Be The Guy The Pats Drafted N’keal Harry To Be?

The first day of training camp involves installing and non-padded red zone work. This is where you would’ve been hoping for a glimpse of Harry’s skill in the past couple of seasons. Unfortunately, this never really developed, much to the disappointment of fans. However, it already feels different with the veteran. He came into this red zone portion, got open, made plays, and hyped up the crowd.

Almost everyone is writing off the Parker acquisition as a cheap move by Bill when names like Devante Adams and Tyreek Hill are flying around. Still, this move would be all anyone in the northeast would be talking about any other season. Parker can be explosive. He is great at the catch point, which makes Mac Jones slightly less perfect on every pass. The Patriots have been lacking that jump ball. Go up and get the ball guy since Gronk left as well. Parker could be the missing piece to the puzzle on offense.


Please don’t sleep on DeVante Parker. He is not N’keal Harry. Parker is surrounded by solid talent and has shown the ability to beat man coverages and grab contested catches. Having him and Agholor on the outside Bourne and Meyers on the inside Henry in tight and Stevenson coming out of the backfield is going to be difficult to stop in my semi-professional opinion. Mac needs to do what he is best at and get it to the open man. I have a feeling Parker will be open early and often throughout 2022

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