The Interesting Road Ahead: Top Five Must-See Games For The Patriots

July 17, 2022

It’s no question that the Patriots have one of the most demanding schedules this year and play a lot of interesting teams on the road. In addition, Mac Jones is coming into his second year, and it will be more challenging for him to prove himself. Therefore, this article will look at the top five most interesting games to watch this year for the Patriots.

Five: Vs Baltimore Ravens

Almost every game these two have faced each other in has been interesting, even when they had Joe Flacco. However, watching two shifty quarterbacks who can change the game in one play, Lamar Jackson and Mac Jones, will be fun.

This is one of our first home games in the season, so winning this one is crucial and may determine if we are a playoff threat or not. What’s even more interesting to watch is how the defense will handle Lamar Jackson, considering he runs quite a lot.

Even with these two stud QBs battling it out, the real match-up when the Ravens come to town is the hard-nosed defense that is played. Either way, this game will be fun to watch, and it’s easy to imagine it as an offensive shootout, and who doesn’t enjoy those?

Four: At Minnesota Vikings

This game will be super interesting to watch for multiple reasons. For one, it will be a thanksgiving game, and the Patriots hardly get to play in those. The last one was in 2012 during the “ButtFumble” game.

Not to mention Minnesota is a very talented team with Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson, and Adam Thielen, making it crucial for our defense. The game will be interesting since Kirk Cousins is at a point where he needs to prove himself in the spotlight (8-17 in primetime) and make a playoff push to stay on the team.

It’s also an excellent chance for Mac to shine under the thanksgiving lights and make a memorable game for all Pats fans. We match up relatively well against Minnesota, their secondary isn’t the best, and we have a few different ways to attack that with Parker, Bourne, and Hunter Henry.

Three: At Green Bay Packers

One of the most classic rivalries in football, Green Bay will offer one of the most interesting obstacles for Mac Jones. What will also be interesting is seeing Rodgers play this year without Davante Adams, Valdes Scantling, and Lazard. But, conversely, Mac is playing in enemy territory where the wheaten is shaky and could snow, which Mac doesn’t play well in.

It’s a good classic rivalry where both teams need to win. A savvy veteran QB battling against an upcoming star in the league is good television. Both teams have something to prove in this game and need the win to go to the playoffs and make a deep run.

The Packers may have a great run game, but their offensive line has taken a hit during the off-season, but they could be vulnerable to our pass rushers. Getting to Rodgers is key to making him uncomfortable. If he is uncomfortable, then this is a winnable game.

Two: Vs Cincinnati Bengals

It’s always a good game when the Patriots play the AFC champions, and this year it will be interesting since it’s not your typical team. The Patriots host the Cincinnati Bengals at home, and Mac jones will be going against one of the most dangerous duos in the game (Burrow and Chase).

Two young QBs going at it to compete for a playoff spot (considering it’s later in the season) will be very interesting to watch. Also, the game is on Christmas Eve, which will be a great game since not many teams play that day.

Many people compared Mac to Burrow coming out of the draft. Hopefully, Jones could take a similar leap as “Joe Cool” did last season. I like how our offense stacks up against the Bengal’s defense. Unfortunately, we can hang with the skill position talent on the defensive end. Chase, Higgins, Boyd & Mixon seems too much for the team to handle now.

One: At Buffalo Bills

What game could possibly be better to watch? How about a division rivalry. The Buffalo Bills are easily the Pats’ most significant threat this year. The last game of the season proves to be the most interesting for so many reasons. For one, it’s in Buffalo, which will be a challenge for Mac. Also, this could be a time when both the Bills and the Pats are fighting for a playoff spot and could end up being game of the year material.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Patriots can consider the Bills a revenge tour game after getting destroyed by them in the wild card last year. Either way, it will be a great game to watch, and it will be an actual test for Belichick and Mac to beat them in the last game.


Patriots have so many interesting games that choosing specific ones was tough. However, these stand out the most. For the Patriots to succeed, they must take advantage of bad teams (Jets, Lions, Bears) and win a couple against these powerhouses. It will be interesting to watch Mac in his second year and see if he truly is the answer to the Patriots’ problems.

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