Patriots Acquire An Extra 300 Pound Offensive Lineman From AFC Powerhouse

June 20, 2022

When Free Agency began, the Patriots saw quite a few losses. The loss of star cornerback J.C. Jackson is the most recognizable loss the New England Patriots had; they also took a hit on their offensive line. They need to acquire some backup after The Patriots’ lost Ted Karras in free agency, as he signed with the Bengals. The Patriots also traded Shaq Mason to the Bucs for a late-round draft pick.

After losing both, what seemed like a very deep offensive line disappeared. The Patriots are very well known for their potent rushing attack and their ability to have great offensive line depth. Assuming Bill Belichick would add some more offensive line pieces, he did. With his first-round pick, He selected Cole Strange. Now, he is signing offensive linemen Darryl Williams, who the Chiefs recently released.

Darryl Williams’ Strengths & Weaknesses

Entering the draft, Darryl Williams was expected to be an average backup. He can play guard and center. He will be a good backup for New England and could compete with practice squad players. Darryl Williams is an intelligent player who would be a great fit in New England because they are a knowledgeable team and don’t beat themselves. He also profiles as a smashmouth lineman, which is evident in his statement

“I’m a guy that loves to dominate people,” Williams proclaimed. “We got a saying in the offensive line room back at Mississippi State, it’s called M.T.M.W. It means Make They Momma Worried. It’s something that I enjoy doing, I want to go out on the field each and every day and impose my will for 60 minutes and be the best lineman I can be.”

Darryl Williams Arrowhead Pride

William’s main weaknesses are that he lacks explosiveness and doesn’t have much athletic ability. His strengths are that he has lots of upper body strength and an adequate radar to locate his second block. From his draft profile, we can understand what Darryl Williams is: A solid backup lineman who is an inexpensive depth option.

Patriots Acquire Much Needed Depth

Darryl Williams was likely brought in with the idea of being a backup, which is exactly what the Patriots need. Williams can fill in as a center or a guard. The Patriots’ current starting center is David Andrews, and Cole Strange will likely develop into his eventual replacement.

Overall, Darryl Williams can be a solid backup who also bolsters the overall offensive line. Williams is a good addition because he adds depth for guard and center, so whichever position is more needed, he can fill in for it.


Williams will likely be on the practice squad and a backup if needed. This is a good depth move and a classic Bill Belichick move. While he will probably stay as a backup in New England, there is some upside. Darryl Williams is still relatively young, and we have not seen precisely what he can do.

Bill Belichick has brought in numerous players who have had bad starts, and he’s turned their careers around. While it might seem unlikely, with New England’s top-notch offensive line development, there is a chance that Williams can be a good player for New England in the years to come. Any player that could potentially protect Mac Jones could be an investment.

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