Winovich’s Comments Deceptively Misused For Clicks After 2022 Trade.

June 19, 2022

Everyone has heard Chase Winovich’s comments that being traded to Cleveland was “the best thing to ever happen to him.” The only problem with that is it’s incomplete, and that’s all many people heard. Winovich has said a bit since being traded. Twitter spread that comment around like wildfire, and some Patriots media took it further to get clicks. Take a look and judge for yourself.

The Media Vilified Winovich.

Jerry Trotta of Musket Fire wrote, “Would we have liked to see Winovich thank the Patriots? Sure, but that will come with time … maybe. At the end of the day, he’s human and still has hard feelings after the team that struggled in his area of expertise (rushing the passer) shipped him out of town for a linebacker who will likely start in 2022.”

“We’re not going to hold it against Winovich for throwing shade. He feels a way and that’s fine…”

If that doesn’t sound like Winovich had it out for the Patriots, I don’t know what does. Much of what Winovich said was left out by Musket Fire, Pro Football Talk, and Around The NFL. They weren’t the only ones to leave out information, but they are enough to prove the point. As a Pats fan, you will likely read it and feel slighted.

So What Did Winovich Actually Say?

Two sources quoted what Winovich had to say that covered pretty much everything. Most of it came from Fan Stream Sports, but they missed a part that Steelers Depot had quoted him. Unfortunately, direct audio of the entire statement could not be found.

“So I cut my hair, and then two days later, I got traded. In life, we’re very quick to assign things as good or bad, success or failure, this or that. But I think ultimately that removes any possibility, and the possibility is that it could be the best thing to ever happen to me,” Winovich said but he wasn’t done.

Winovich appears just from the start to be focusing on the trade as positive. Of course, he could’ve been upset that the Patriots shipped him to Cleveland of all places, but that’s not how his early comments appear.

What Did Winovich Say About His Appearance?

“It’s the heaviest I’ve weighed in probably three years, the strongest I’ve probably ever been so I have a lot to be optimistic about, and I’m really looking forward to it … I’m just very thankful that the Cleveland Browns believe in me, and I certainly have been putting in the work and effort to make sure that I’m prepared come season. I’m just really fired up to be here,” said Wino.

Again, he doesn’t sound bitter. He sounds grateful. He’s got a chance at a fresh start, and he appears to acknowledge it. It will be interesting to see if the extra weight pays off for the former Wolverine.

Can Move The Player But The Patriots Culture Stays.

He continued, “Yeah, I’ve definitely thought a lot about it. These are things that I’m kind of trained as a Patriot to not speak about but, yeah, I’ve thought a lot about what we could do together on the football field. Cleveland’s a great spot right in the middle for me. The vibe is extremely familiar to me between Cleveland and Pittsburgh. You have the attitude of hard-working, loving people that love football. I’m really happy to be here. It feels just like home.”

The former Patriots linebacker admits he’s still indoctrinated with the Patriots culture. That’s something that may be with him for a while, but he sounds like he’s found his place. Of course, not everything is a good fit, and this appears to be the case between him and the Pats, but they both seem to have moved on.

When Asked About The Drop-In in His Production

Wino said, “You look at stats and numbers to kind of validate your success or failure or shortcoming but I know and I believe and anybody that knows me would testify to the maturity and the progress that I’ve made as a person physically, mentally, emotionally. Without going into too much detail, there was an injury even before the season started that I was dealing with for a few months. There’s things in life that are in my control and things in life that are out of my control. The things that were out of my control were definitely more prevalent.”

He sounds like someone with a good head on his shoulders. He’s not blaming the Patriots or making excuses. He’s saying he has to do his job without saying it. But, unfortunately, it sounds like he’s playing for the Pats.

Willing To Let His Play Do The Talking.

Wino continues about getting more playing time saying, “Certain people are put on this earth to do certain things, and one of the things that I was put on this earth to do is play football. And rushing the passer is something that I’d say … I do a pretty dang good job. Just as Bill Walsh said, the score will take care of itself. His book talks about that. It’s the same thing. I think the sacks will take care of themselves, and ultimately I’m just here to help us win.”

He was doing his job. Everything is about helping the team. Staying in his lane and doing what he’s able to do. Another answer spoke like a true New England Patriot. That’s the type of mentality that builds championships as long as all the pieces come together correctly.

Well Wishes Are Not Bitter Grapes

Winovich was asked about having to bottle up his personality. This last statement from him is where I’ll end it, but if he has bitter feelings and is throwing shade as some of the media have suggested, why does he wish the Patriots success? There was no ill will coming from Wino; it was just the narrative being passed off to get clicks. And fans fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Winovich said, “See, even commenting on that, that aspect is something that it’s like it just was what it was. I’m no longer there, so it’s best of luck to them.”

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