The Patriot Way: Was Brady The Secret Sauce For 20 Years?

June 19, 2022

Who has the most credit for the most dominant dynasty in modern football? Is it Bill or Brady? It is the eternal question of all Patriots Nation. “The Patriots Way Series” aims to dive into that question from all sides.

Did you know Bill Belichick has connections with the Ford family? He worked with the Lions in 1977, coaching the receivers. However, their stay was temporary, like every generational talent. 

As crazy as it sounds, Belichick has more of a connection to the Ford family than a football team. Both are innovators. First, Ford created the assembly line, revolutionizing the car business. Then, Belichick formed his assembly line with Tom Brady as his Mustang, revolutionizing an entire sport. 

What Makes The Patriot Way Innovative?

For anyone who lives under a rock, the Patriot Way is a strategy used in sports, made famous by Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots, maximizing a player’s potential to win a championship—in a nutshell, doing your job. 

Anyone can use the Patriot Way universally across all sports. Many coaches, such as Doc Rivers and Coach K, call Belichick an inspiration in how they tackle their jobs. Can you blame them?

A simple phrase revolutionized the league, becoming a global trend. If everybody does their job, the engine works. But unfortunately, the voices of past coaches haunt me with the saying, “a team is only the weakest link.” Insomnia stinks.

Belichick’s mindset is what creates this culture in New England. It’s not a hidden easter egg. It is that simple. The Giants teams that won Super Bowls under Belichick had a system led by a captain. It just so happened to be the greatest defensive player in NFL history. 

Bill Belichick and Lawerence Taylor USA today

Does That mean The Patriot Way Only Works With Generational Talent?

The Patriot Way produces talent. Every player sticking to a specific plan allows the coaches to see the offense from a different perspective. It forces creativity by being able to veer off the script based on the situation. Football is more mental than physical.

Belichick’s vast knowledge of the game gives him an infinite number of variations in case of the worst-case scenario. Anything can happen on any given Sunday. Every team’s weakness can be exposed. 

Radio callers are wrong when they say Brady is a system QB. Brady was the star of the show. The campaign always needs a face; that was Brady’s role. He ascended to unimaginable heights. He covered the system’s flaws.

However, Brady learned a lot about how to dissect defense from the time he spent with Bill. Brady didn’t just walk in from Michigan and become the GOAT. Creating the legend that everyone remembers today took time, effort, and coaching. So much of Brady’s greatness was witnessed on the field, and most of Belichick’s genius is behind the scenes.

New England also carried an elite defense for several years that they won the Super Bowl. Although, many fans seem to take the Brady side. I tend to believe it was closer to a 50/50 split.

Is Mac Another Brady Or Just A Piece Of The Puzzle?

Pats Nation can agree Mac Jones is a clone of Tom Brady. Jones mimics Brady in almost every category. His mechanics, high IQ, and even answers to the media support the claim Belichick found his replacement. He doesn’t want another Brady. Belichick chose Jimmy G over Brady for a reason. The Patriot Way can only work when everyone follows it. Players like Brady outgrow their roots.

The reports coming from the mini-camp about the big Mac are outstanding. Players and coaches commented on how much of a step he took over the offseason. He has grown as a player by working with a new QB coach but also as a leader. 

Last season, Mac shocked the world with how fluid his transition was to the gigantic shoes he was tasked to fill. The thought of being Brady’s replacement scares the most veteran of players. Not Mac.

The Patriot Way is evolving. However, 2022 remains a new chapter in the story of the most remarkable football team on Earth.

Catch everyone reading this in Part Three: “The Patriot Way” Next Generation


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