National Champion From 2019 Drafted By Patriots In Intriguing Selection

May 10, 2022

The 2019 National Champions LSU Tigers have produced many NFL players, they may have done it again

Most NFL fans tend to overlook day three selections, believing the false narrative that day one and two selections are the only ones that hold importance.

Patriots fans, however, know that their entire franchise was built on the 199th overall selection, and know better than to roll their eyes at a useless sixth-round pick. This logic should and hopefully will carry out for Chasen Hines, a right guard selected with the 210th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Chasen was a part-time player for LSU during their 2019 national championship run. He has played in big spots and protected a less mobile more pocket passing QB.

Although Hines is a bit older than others who are a part of the ’22 class, he still carries enough potential to eventually be a starter and enough evidence to prove that he can develop into something even more than a starter.

Why Did The Patriots Pick Chasen Hines?

The Patriots adding depth to the interior offensive line is a move that fans have been waiting to be made for the entire off-season. With Belichick finally making the move, Chasen Hines simply strengthens the look of the lineman he selected in this draft even more.

Hines’ average projection by experts was around 190th, and the Patriots using their 210th selection to get him just adds to the delight. Even if Hines was selected around 190th, I would still consider the selection to be a steal, in view of the fact that Hines is considered by to have starter potential, and any day three selection that can develop into a reliable starter is a solid selection.

When Could We See Hines Make An Appearance?

Similar to most Day three selections, it is extremely unlikely that Hines will become a Week one starter. With there already being plenty of starting-caliber names occupying the current guard positions on the offensive line, Hines would almost be guaranteed to be a Year one backup.

However, seeing as most guards on the New England Patriots can develop season-long injury problems, it is quite possible that Hines could see snaps at guard in that scenario. If Hines were given the opportunity to fight in the trenches, I firmly believe that he would knock everyone’s socks off, despite his lack of height.

He could potentially be used as a Ted Karras type of plug and play substitute, he could also come in and be a swing guard in the heavy set.

What Are The Doubts And Concerns About Hines?

Standing at 6″3, Hines may seem to have an uncontrollable disadvantage on paper. Despite his lack of height, he seems to have been able to perform decently at the college level, proving that height should not be the sole factor for judgment for offensive linemen. After all, Shaq Mason was 6″1, and his departure is what likely prompted the move for Belichick to draft this offensive lineman.

However, Hines’ lack of weight is not going to be a problem in the near future, clocking in at well over 315 pounds. Unfortunately, Hines’ weight does sometimes interfere with his effectiveness and technique, limiting his abilities on some plays and overall stamina. Hines’ weight will have to be managed by the staff in order for Hines to reach his ceiling.

Hines also was a below-average pass-rush blocker in college. As the Patriots take on a new offensive system with help from Joe Judge and offensive line coach Matt Patricia, if Hines does see starting snaps then he could potentially stunt the effectiveness of certain passing plays, putting Mac Jones’ health at unnecessarily high risk. Giving Hines some time to work on the pass rush protection would be far more ideal for the entire offense.

What Strengths Does Hines Have?

Like most selections in the Patriots 2022 Draft Class, Hines is a very versatile and useful interior offensive lineman that could potentially see snaps at center and guard. After all, his strength, physicality, and toughness allow for a high number of possibilities on the line.

Whatever Hines lacks in pass-blocking is soon made up for in run-blocking. With a PFF run-blocking grade of 70.4 in 2021, Hines should look to build on his already sound run-blocking skills, especially as the Patriots currently have unbelievable depth at the running back position.


Hines has a lot of potential that can be reached with adequate coaching and developmental systems. Luckily for Hines, the Patriots have a knack for taking under-valued players and turning them into their appropriate selves.

The amount of draft capital that was expended on this pick was far outweighed by the value received. LSU used Chasen Hines in a truly great way and I’m excited to see him make positive contributions to the team in the coming seasons.

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